Monday, May 23, 2011

Remember how significant you are.

Whenever you've got a big problem, take a look at this image. Reflect on just how significant it is in the grand scheme of things.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Still waiting for Diablo III

I was going through my older blog posts today and I noticed something. It's been almost three years since I posted that there will be a Mac version of Diablo III when it comes out for Windows, and there's still no official release date. Yikes.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Laptop searches at the border

I know this is a pretty old issue but it's one that has bugged me since I first heard about it. The US Department of Homeland Security apparently has the right to seize your laptop or other electronics that are capable of carrying data when crossing the border. They can then take a full copy of your hard-drive. This invasion of privacy is all being done under the guise of protecting the country from criminals and terrorists.

The problem is that any moderately competent criminal or terrorist knows this is happening and won't carry their data with them now. It's incredibly easy to take your data, encrypt it, and make it accessible from any machine with a connection to the internet. Once they've crossed the border they can grab a copy of the data and decrypt it. Even more so the data can be encrypted and hidden in plain-sight for later access.

I assume the government knows this. Assuming this, why is the government doing it? Is it a dragnet for the stupid criminals, ones who pose no real threat to us because they're dumb enough to be caught by these tactics?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Transferred my Domains to Hover

After the recent kerfuffle over GoDaddy's CEO going elephant hunting I decided to look around for another registrar for my domains. I just happened to be listening to an episode of TWiG (or TWiT, I forget) and I caught an ad for

The transfer process was extremely painless (at least on Hover's part). For some reason getting the authorization keys from GoDaddy was like pulling teeth. After requesting the transfer keys it took hours to receive the keys by email. It was also no picnic getting domains I bought through Google Apps transferred since each domain lived in it's own account at GoDaddy or Enom.

Hover has been generally awesome. The first time I had to call them for support I was shocked. No phone tree to get to a human. A human picked up the phone in two rings. They were super helpful fixing an issue I ran into transferring a few domains. When I checked my credit card statement today I noticed that they accidentally double-billed me for the domains that I had this trouble with. I sent them an email and within 4 hours (on a Sunday) had a response that they were going to credit me back. Their Twitter account has also been very responsive about web site suggestions.

The Hover website is great. Buying and transferring domains is a piece of cake and there aren't 150 up-sell items that assault you on your way to checkout. If you have domains you want to move or are thinking of buying a new domain I highly recommend Hover.

P.S. I also took the opportunity to move my blog to