Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kindle Recommendations?

I recently came into the possession of an Amazon Kindle. I have to say, I never really realized how this would change my reading habits. As silly as it sounds being able to hold a book in one hand and flip the page with my thumb easily is quite different, especially with a baby in one arm :)

The problem I'm running into is that being the... frugal person that I am, I'm trying to avoid buying books from Amazon. I'm a bit annoyed that I can't go to a library and get a book, even with DRM on it, and keep it for a few weeks while I read it.

So, I'm looking for some recommendations. What are some classic books that I most likely missed reading while in high school (I didn't do any work) or college (I only took engineering and psychology classes). I've found two sites, and that have many public domain books available in Kindle format.