Thursday, July 10, 2008

Using Beryl on Linux

I recently decided to start using a Linux desktop at work in place of my MacBook Pro as my main computer (I now leave my MBP mainly at home). Immediately I realized that I had grown very used to having nice looking windows and fancy effects. After a bit of searching I turned up Beryl. Not only does Beryl beat OS X in the fancy effects department with it's windows catching on fire when you close them and 3D-spinning-cube desktop, it also provides some very useful features like:
  • the ability to have a window stop moving once you've dragged it up against the side of the screen
  • the ability to control the opacity of a window on the fly by holding down ALT and moving the mouse wheel
  • the "AddHelper" which can darken or completely black out the windows other than the active one on your screen to help concentration

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